Archive Shelving

Bespoke Archive Shelving

Archiving is often something that takes up a huge amount of space in an office but is essential to run your business. Many businesses require archiving shelving and some companies simply do not have the space on site to store items or records. This sometimes means that companies have to store their records offsite often incurring third party storage charges and making it difficult to retrieve files or items when needed.

If you need to save space in your office then why not install mobile shelving units to store your archiving. This will give you back valuable space whilst peace of mind that your files are stored securely and easily accessible when you need them.

Some documents have to be kept by law but are infrequently needed. Mobile archiving shelving is the answer to storing these files and aisles are only required when you need to access that file. At other times those aisles are collapsible, reducing the space required or doubling your storage capacity.

Bespoke Archive Shelving

At Total Mobile Shelving, we have a wide range of archive mobile shelving units that can be made to fit the exact area which you have available. The shelving can be adapted to create a bespoke archiving system, allowing you the most storage space, whilst using as little floor space as possible.

We are happy to come to your premises to carry out a brief survey and advise you of the best shelving units for you. All of our services are on a no obligation basis.


Mobile Archive Storage

Interested in learning more?

If you’d like to learn more about storing your archives in mobile shelving units the best thing to do is get in touch. Total Mobile Shelving will explain all the options available to you, and help you find the most suitable system for your requirements. If you’d like to take it further, we’ll arrange a site visit and provide you with a details quotation – all completely free!