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Finding a safe and secure way to store your archived files is important to any business. All businesses must keep records for a certain amount of time either for legal reasons or because they may need to refer to historical files from time to time. For this reason you need to have archive storage systems that can accommodate the space needed but also be accessible when needed.
As a business develops, the increasing amount of paperwork produced can mean you have to use valuable space within your office for storage and if you do not have the correct archive storage system, it can be hard to retrieve files when needed, without spending hours trawling through numerus boxes.

Archive storage

Secure Archive System

At Total Mobile Shelving, we understand the importance of archive storage shelving and have a wide range of products available to suit your individual business requirements. It may be that the files you store contact personal and sensitive data and therefore you will need a secure archive system. With our lockable filing systems, you can have peace of mind that only those who need to can access them.

If you have an area that is currently unusable within your business premises, we may be able to utilise it to build you a bespoke archive system.  The mobile shelving systems can be designed to contact and expand when needed so you may require a smaller amount of space that you thought.

For archive shelving UK, contact us today for a free no obligation quotation for an archive storage system.