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Mobile Shelving Ordering and Fitting

Mobile Shelving Ordering & Fitting

From an Idea to a Quotation to Ordering and Fitting Mobile Shelving This is a simple step by step process which we will guide you through with no obligation until you are sure this solution...
Mobile Shelving Systems

Why choose Total Storage Systems?

To you, your storage problem seems unique. In reality many hundreds of organisations have experienced the same problem and have come up with a solution which works for them. Tim Holiday, the owner of Total...
Mobile Shelving Installation

Mobile Shelving Installation

Practical Mobile Storage Systems Mobile shelving is designed for easy installation in any environment with the minimum of Disruption, noise and mess. The lightweight system has been designed specifically to compliment the surrounding office environment, providing...
Mobile Shelving - The System

Mobile Shelving – The System

Why is mobile shelving the best system? Mobile shelving is the most cost effective and flexible shelving system in an office or archive environment. Utilising the latest manufacturing techniques to blend strength and versatility whilst...
concept mobile shelving

Mobile Shelving The Concept

Save space & money with mobile shelving. Space costs money. Space is a valuable resource that every business and organisation needs to make the most of. But why pay to store your archives off site,...