Document Box Storage

Shelving for Document Boxes

Shelving for Document Boxes

Often companies will chose to store their archive files and document boxes offsite, but this comes at a cost which over time can quickly add up. The other issue with this is that when you need to access a file, not only might you have to wait for a period of time, but you will most likely be charged too!  Mobile shelving systems will allow you to store more document boxes onsite whilst using less space. The size of each shelving bay will be chosen to best fit your boxes meaning no space is wasted and more boxes can be stored.

Our document shelving systems come in a wide range of sizes and can be bespoke to suit the exact dimensions of any room. It may be that you currently have the boxes stacked on top of each other, but then struggle when it comes to retrieving one having to move a number of other boxes first to get to the one you want. With our shelving system, this problem can become a thing of the past and mean less time is wasted on hunting for files.

The document box shelving units, makes it easy to clearly read labels and text written on the side of the boxes and can help with the organisation of paperwork within a business. With businesses required to keep certain documentation for a period of time, it is vital that it is stored correctly, why not contact us today to discuss your shelving requirements?

Looking for Document Box Shelving?

If you’d like to find out more about storing document boxes in a mobile or static shelving unit then please get in touch. Total Mobile Shelving will explain all the options available to you, and help you find the most suitable system for your requirements. We can also arrange a site visit and provide you with a details quotation – all completely free!

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