Library Shelving

A library needs to be able to display many books in an organised way and that are easily accessible when needed. It may also need to store a large number of books in an archive section or that are awaiting cleaning.
At Total Mobile shelving we have a wide range of products and shelving systems that offer the perfect solution to book storage in a library. Our shelving systems can be bespoke meaning that they will utilise the space you have available in the best possible way.

Library Shelving Options

The shelving systems can be installed on the floor, wall mounted and to allow access from both sides. They also come in a wide range of finishes, making them suitable for all premises.
The library shelving itself can be designed using a non-slip material, allowing for books to be removed easily from the shelf without causing many others to fall.
Library shelves will be used on a daily basis and therefore we ensure that all of our designs are not only elegant but also study and hard wearing.

Archive Shelving

Library shelving systems can be installed in any building with minimal disruption, allowing the day to day running of the business to carry on.
If you need to add space to your library archive section, then why not install mobile shelving that will collapse and expand when needed?
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