Medical Record Storage

Secure Medical Record Mobile Shelving

Despite the claim of electronic records, the size and quantity of Medical Records files continue to grow. With the available space in hospitals reducing, mobile shelving is a must for storing medical records securely.

Medical records have to be stored in a certain way to ensure that they are safe and secure. Here at Total Mobile Shelving we understand the importance of this and aim to improve your medical record storage systems to allow you to not only store more records onsite but to make them easily accessible when needed. Storing records onsite allows them to be kept at hand whilst allowing you to save money by not having to pay a third party for storage space.
A record filing system can offer a great alternative to offsite storage and can be tailor made to suit your specific needs.

Medical Record Storage

We have an array of shelving and filing systems that are suitable for medical record storage and can show you examples of products that we believe will work well within your existing premises. We understand that security will be high on list when it comes to choosing filing systems, all of our storage systems are built to a high quality making them study and durable ensuring that you have the use of them for many years to come.  Available in a wide range of heights and weights, we can build a secure medical record storage system in almost any space.

Mobile Medical Record Storage

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