Mobile Shelving FAQs

Artefact Mobile Shelving

How much space can I save with mobile shelving?

Compared to traditional shelving solutions, mobile shelving can double the storage capacity of any given area.

Is mobile shelving easy to operate?

Yes!  Mobile shelving is extremely easy to operate.  The most popular system  is the  hand wheel operation, but we can provide anything from a simple push – pull to an electrically operated system.

Is mobile shelving easy to install?

Mobile shelving should be installed by a qualified professional to ensure safe operation but with Total Mobile Shelving the process is carried out with the minimum of disruption.

If I have a mobile shelving system installed, can I take it with me if I move offices?

Yes!  Mobile shelving systems are very easy to relocate and as they require no fixings to either the floor or walls, Total Mobile Shelving can easily be relocated  anywhere within your existing building or within a new building .

I don’t know if want I want to store will fit in the units, how can I find out?

Simply get in touch with Total Mobile Shelving and we’ll help you decide whether the system is suitable for your needs.  There’s no obligation and all of our consultancy work is free!

We have an upstairs office, will the floor take the weight of mobile shelving units?

Yes!  Most offices are capable of accepting Mobile Shelving. Total Mobile Shelving will provide full loading calculation data which can be checked by a structural engineer for extra peace of mind.

How long does it take to get mobile shelving units installed?

Although your system is made to order, the system is built from stocked modular components. Generally the lead time is 3-4 weeks from receipt of your order, though this can often be reduced to meet your deadlines.

Can I get units to match my office decor?

Yes!  The Shelving can be produced in any RAL colour you like, though “off white” ivory is the most popular choice as it really brightens up your filing areas. When the shelving is closed you will only see the sides of the shelving and these can be covered with steel or wooden panels to match the décor in your office