Mobile Shelving for Medical Records

Medical Records shelving

If you are looking for a space saving and secure and way to store your medical records then mobile shelving systems or roller racking is the ideal solution.  Often in hospitals space is limited and therefore it is vital to be able to save space where you can whilst still making sure that your medical records are easily accessible when needed.

As opposed to static shelving, mobile shelving for medical record storage is able to be designed to fit in to an area and can be expanded and contracted when needed. You can literally half the space needed for mobile shelves compared to that of static shelving systems.

Mobile Shelving for Medical Records UK

Secure Medical Record Storage

The security of documents is of massive importance with a medical environment so it is vital that the storage systems provides an adequate level of security need whilst also allowing the medical records to be accessed by the appropriate people quickly and with ease. Our mobile shelving medical record systemscan not only create new storage space but can improve current ones too.

As we all know, hospitals are under very tight time constraints and the more time that can be saved doing simply tasks such as retrieving medical records, the more time doctors and nurses have to actually treat patients and potentially save lives. By installing a mobile shelving or roller racking system in a medical environment such as a hospital, you can take back the time previously wasted on record retrieval.

Mobile shelving can be used for medical record storage, x-ray storage, specimen storage along with pharmacy storage and sterile instrument storage plus much much more.

Why not give Total Mobile Storage a call today to discuss your medical records storage requirements. We are happy to discuss your project over the phone or can come out to your premises and create you a bespoke quotation based on your requirements.