Mobile Shelving Installation

Mobile Shelving Installation

Practical Mobile Storage Systems

Mobile shelving is designed for easy installation in any environment with the minimum of Disruption, noise and mess.

The lightweight system has been designed specifically to compliment the surrounding office environment, providing a high density yet compact and aesthetically pleasing system. The original design brief was to produce a system for office, library and filing systems that is easy to construct, causing the minimum of disruption, and quiet in use.

The system is of modular design, allowing easy alteration, relocation or storage when not in use. The way we have designed the system allows us to put it in virtually any location, with all the parts delivered in ‘Knock Down’ form, access to even the tightest areas is simple. The ‘KD’ approach also allows reconfiguration of the system on site if any unforeseen problems arise during installation.

Mobile Shelving Installation

The track for the system is a ‘C’ section, housed in a channel, in which the floor and ramp locate.  Once the track is in place the floor simply slots in, and is supported by the track.

This unique system completely eliminates the need for messy and inconvenient track fixings, allowing relocation to new areas, without having to fix the mess left behind by the fixings.

All mobiles have an anti-tip mechanism fitted, which is all concealed at base level rather than overhead as some systems. The Static bases are fixed to the track and, no matter how narrow they are, do not need to be fixed to the fabric of the building, and are able to be situated in the middle of a room without fear of the units being unsteady.

Mobile Shelving Installation

The floor is made of 22mm chipboard, Tongued and grooved together to form a seamless infill between the tracks that provides an attractive and safe platform from which to use the system.  The floor panels have a grey Melamine finish that gives an attractive hardwearing look.

The lightweight base is similar in principle to all of our other bases, and no compromise has been made in the quality of production or design. Each wheel along one side, the whole length of the base, is driven to ensure smooth movement, and, each wheel acts as a guide to eliminate the possibility of ‘Crabbing’.

“There are no fixings to be drilled into the fabric of the building.”

The system has been designed to incorporate all of our safety mechanisms, and hence safety-locking hand wheels are supplied as standard on ALL systems. The bases can be used to store sensitive material as well, with an extensive range of security devices, which will keep out all but the most determined of intruders. There are two types of base lock available, as well as lockable tambour doors.

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