Mobile Shelving Ordering & Fitting

From an Idea to a Quotation to Ordering and Fitting Mobile Shelving

This is a simple step by step process which we will guide you through with no obligation until you are sure this solution is right for you.

This whole process could take only 3 – 4 weeks.

  1. You like the concept of Mobile Shelving but are not sure it is the right solution and value for money  – Call Total Storage Systems on 08448 734730 or email us We can discuss your project in more detail and give you outline costs to determine whether it is within your budget.
  2. Sounds good in principle – what next. We will arrange to visit you and carry out a detailed audit of what you need to store and an accurate survey of the space you have available. We will also discuss your method of working in detail to ensure any proposed solution will work for you.
  3. Detailed Quotation. We will produce a detailed drawing and quotation showing you exactly what we propose and the cost of that proposal. At this stage we can change anything to make it work better for you.

All the above is carried out Free of Charge with no obligation or pressure to take things further


  1. You like the proposal and wish to purchase. We can accept an order by email against our quotation. We will then agree a delivery and installation date with you.
  2. Manufacture. Every installation is bespoke to exactly meet your detailed specification and is made to order within the UK factory.
  3. Preparation. The area in which the mobile shelving system is to be built should be cleared. If you have difficulty doing this we can give you a quotation to clear this space for you.
  4. Delivery. The delivery will be on a dedicated vehicle and met by our fitters. All components are small enough to go through doorways and into lifts. Lifts and carpets will be protected from any transit damage.
  5. Installation
    • The track and false floor is installed first. Nothing is fixed down meaning no damage is done to you premises. The tracks are levelled by laser to ensure you mobile shelving only moves when you want it to.
    • The mobile bases are then assembled and placed on the track
    • The shelving is then built onto the mobile bases.
  6. Handover. Once the installation is complete we will give a short demonstration to your staff of how the system works, can be locked and simple housekeeping guidelines.
  7. Future Maintenance. There is very little to go wrong with your Mobile Shelving System. You should follow the housekeeping guidelines of keeping the tracks free of debris (particularly paper clips) and ensuring items are fully located on the shelves. To fully comply with PUWER The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1992 we would recommend an annual inspection by the manufacturer which would extend the guarantee for the duration of the inspections.

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