Mobile Shelving The Concept

concept mobile shelving

Save space & money with mobile shelving.

Space costs money. Space is a valuable resource that every business and organisation needs to make the most of. But why pay to store your archives off site, when you can create enough space to keep them in your office with mobile shelving?

The more space we can save the less money we have to spend, and mobile shelving is the ultimate space saving solution, literally doubling the storage capacity of any given area.

How does mobile shelving save space?

Let’s compare mobile shelving to traditional static shelving to see exactly how mobile shelving can double your storage capacity:

Static ShelvingStatic Shelving
An aisle is required to give access to each bay of shelving wasting valuable space.
Static ShelvingMobile Shelving
Mobile shelving reduces the number of aisles required which will free up room for other uses.
Static ShelvingDouble the storage capacity
Mobile Shelving can half the space required to store your archives or double the capacity in the same space.

So how does the system work?

Mobile shelving is extremely flexible and can be used to store almost anything. As well as doubling the storage capacity of any area, the mobile shelving system has a host of other benefits.

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