Mobile Shelving – The System

Why is mobile shelving the best system?

Mobile shelving is the most cost effective and flexible shelving system in an office or archive environment. Utilising the latest manufacturing techniques to blend strength and versatility whilst being aesthetically pleasing, mobile shelving can double the storage capacity of any area..

Modular Mobile Shelving Systems

Modular design

Mobile shelving is modular in design with many accessories. This allows you to build a bespoke system with standard components.  In fact any shelving system can be mounted onto mobile bases to create a mobile shelving system.

Simple Installation

Mobile shelving can be installed with the minimum of disruption.  The shelving system is surface mounted requiring no extra building work or fixing to the floor.

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Fully Relocatable

The modular system design ensures the system can be relocated with no need for additional parts or building works.

Safe to use

A steel C section track supports the infill floor to provide a level and trip free system.  The mobile shelving system also features anti-tilt devices and safety lock handles to ensure safe operation at all times – complying with all health & safety legislation.

Easy operation

The most common system is by the operation of a hand wheel. The drive shaft in the mobile base is connected by a chain and sprocket to a manually operated handwheel. The standard drive gives a mechanical advantage of 4:1. A force of 0.4Kg is required to move each tonne of load

Electrically Operated Motor Drives are also available which can be operated by pressing a key or linked to a Computer System

So what can mobile shelving be used for?

Mobile shelving can be used to store anything. From files and document boxes to paintings and museum pieces to anything you can think of!

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