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To you, your storage problem seems unique. In reality many hundreds of organisations have experienced the same problem and have come up with a solution which works for them.

Tim Holiday, the owner of Total Storage Systems Limited has worked within the Storage Equipment and Materials Handling industries for over 27 years and has come across and solved many, many,  hundreds of similar problems.

Tim will visit your site, discuss your requirements and make recommendations by drawing on the knowledge of what has worked in similar situations.

Total Storage have installed Mobile Shelving Schemes into many Offices, Factories, Banks, Building Societies, Solicitors, Hospitals, Libraries and Museums.

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Drawing on this vast experience, we will choose the right product from the right manufacturer for your particular application, then by controlling overheads and margins, Total Storage Systems can pass attractive prices for quality products onto you.

The quality and consistency of service is backed by ISO 9001 certification for the design, supply and installation of Storage Systems

Total Storage Systems can draw on over 27 Years of experience in Storage and Materials Handling to help you find that Total and Complete Solution – from a simple Trolley or Rack – to your own unique Storage Solution. Based in the Midlands, not far from the M6 we are ideally situated to service Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and all parts of the UK. Our objective is to provide the right solution for your organisation at a price that allows a swift and high return on your investment.

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Mobile shelving can be used to store anything. If you’re not sure whether mobile shelving can do what you need, get in touch with Total Mobile Shelving to talk through your requirements. We will be able to answer all your questions and remember, all advice, recommendations and quotes are completely free with no obligation whatsoever!

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